What do i do with the nutriants

What do I do ,when I have two plants in ground next to each other,and one has started to flower ,but the other is a few weeks away,with feeding nuts, one will still be on grow nuts but the other is ready for bloom , run off from either one will run into the other , so do I just stay with the grow nuts until the other comes into flower or do I hit them both with the bloom , all advice appreciated .

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@Coltfire let me see if i can help get you better informed answer to this then i can provide … @Majiktoker @garrigan62 , @MacGyverStoner

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Well, as I’m a fan of the simple Lucas formula, and it is basically like a flower ratio from beginning to end, I’d say do that, put them both on the flower formula.



I’ve ran into this problem several of my outdoor grows and I normally just do exactly what the stated above start your nutes for both of them in flower

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