What deos SHRED mean; Really?

I am starting this thread in the Lounge to share a members Music; And to clean up the thread I mucked up getting off-topic :smile:
Hopefully I can get the transfer to work.

SHRED, I am a guitar player. ARE you? Just because of your nickname. I shred; do you shred? LOL :

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That’s funny. I got that nickname from playing guitar. You are correct. I
don’t play as much anymore but here is some original songs I play lead
guitar on (Les Paul/Mesa Boogie) from the 1990’s.
We were called Mondo Cané and played extensively in the San Diego area.
Listen to Mondo Cane by TSHRED #np on #SoundCloud

I first started hearing the term “shred” in the mid-80s. I started playing guitar in '78 after the first Van Halen record dropped. By the time I was a senior in high school ('84) rock guitar had evolved a whole generation of players who had lightning chops. I think the first player and style that I read the word “shred” attached to was Yngwie Malmsteen and the whole neo-classical trend. I was young, impressionable, and was quite driven to practice hours a day going “zzzip” up the neck and then additional hours going “zzzip” back down. By '85-86 the whole rock and spandex thing was out of control and in '88 I quit gigging in rock bands to go to jazz school at the University of North Texas. As my tastes widened I found myself having to exorcize (I may have just invented a word) all those two-handed tapping licks and sweep arpeggios out of my playing just to not sound dated. For a while there in the 90’s it just was not cool to “shred” in the classic sense.
Nowadays shred is applied pretty liberally to any guitarist who plays fast no matter what the style. Since those early days of shred mania I have since moved on to jazz, blues, pop, funk, and most recently, country. I even played classical for a few years as an undergraduate but stopped because I just can’t keep decent nails on my picking hand. I do love to get high and noodle on my guitar.

Here is a link to a track I played on. I’ve Got Levitation
We recorded this live at the Continental Club in Austin in '98. The tune is an old 13th Floor Elevators song by Roky Erickson. (I’m the tall goatee with the Gretsch on the right in the cover art)

Sorry if this post is a bit long winded. I teach music history at the local college and tend to get carried away when writing about such things.

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hey fellow guitarists!! how cool.

i was 8 years old when metallica first record came out. and i have been extremely intrigued by guitar playing since then.
too bad i only started playing seriously about 3 years ago, im 40 now heh.
but i do love it. try to practice at least 3 hours everyday. i learned early on,…consistency is key to improvement!

anyways,…here is link to my youtube channel. ive got about 50 videos there…mostly covers.

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Nice, man! At 3 years I’d say you’re well ahead of the curve. Listened to the “Numb” solo #2 and your bends and vibrato are spot on. That’s the hardest stuff to teach. With so much crap going on in the world, how great is it to be able to add a little heartfelt music to the fray? Kudos!

I have traveled all over the country playing up until a few years ago. IN 1980 I opened for Rick Derringer, and I worked with The Grassroots on tour. While with the Grass Roots, I met and got to hang oput with the Average White Band in Cape Cod. Hamish Stewart of AWB recently toured with Paul MCcartney in his oldies rock band as the Bass player, and guitarist when Paul played Bass.

I know Steve Morse of the Dixie Drags and Dave Hlubek of Molly Ha/chett; Personally

I have many war stories and about the road, and the “Groupies”. Hell yeah! I miss being young


Ain’t it the truth. There is something special about waking up in the morning and having the entire day revolve around the gig. I haven’t been out for more than a week at a time since 2001 but hit it hard during the mid to late 90s. Even got to spend quality time in Europe with The Shakin’ Apostles and an L.A. transplant to Austin, Dirk Hamilton. Got married and had a daughter and settled into a couple of college teaching jobs to stabilize. She’s all grown now so who knows, if the opportunity came along I could be tempted.

Man, I wore out Flirtin’ With Disaster when I was 16. Killer! And I reckon if you looked up SHRED in the funky wagnells there’s probably a picture of Steve Morse. I’m gonna look up The Grass Roots and check it out!

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