What deficiency is this ? or just flushing?

Exactly man couldnt have said it better myself and some beautiful pics to show what a good flush can do bringing out some serious colors!

What day of flower are thoes plants at? You remember

I dont flush brother. I feed all the way up till harvest. Those are week 11 i think. Sunset sherbert. I play with temps during the winter grows. Im strictly organic. BUT. @OGIncognito is correct also. Phenos and genes to play a huge role on colors and if any will present. Its a crap shoot. Ive had two plants, same strain, same seed bag throw two totally different looks.

Ok cannabis king, ask @ChittyChittyBangin if every plant he’s grown has color. If flushing created colors everyone would be doing it and the forum would be full of colorful plants. I’m out!!!:love_you_gesture:

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Ive had numerous plants refuse to show any color but green and yellow

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