What causes this?

I have here two kimbo kush seedlings, one looks good the other not so much. Three weeks old under about 200w of cfl usually, but I’m introducing them to the 500w induction at 3’ for a few hours a day until I get up to 12 hours and then they’ll be moved back to the flouresent tent(with some more bulbs added)for the remaining 6 hours. That’s besides the point. So I’m sure you can tell from the photo, the one marked KK2 is pretty deformed but it’s had the same conditions as the KK1.

Which are: soil-promix box
distilled water to start ph at 6
At 14 days they had literally a drop of kelp in a qt of water, while in smaller containers, ph at 6.2
Transplanted yesterday, with 1/16 tsp kelp, 1/16 sensi calmagx, in filtered rainwater-distilled 50/50

This plant has had this problem since it sprouted. It’s not a new problem, however, it’s not improving much if at all.

Growth is still just as fast as the KK1

Anyone have any ideas? Genetics? Seed is from exotic genetics. Both are non fem as they only sold regular at the time.

The other 3 are sour diesel, and have also had the same conditions. No weird deformities that I can tell. They look fine, other than maybe, MAYBE, wanting a little N. I’ll see what they look like in a few days…

Hard to tell in that spectrum can you get a picture in regular light?

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Yup, I’ll bring it outside in a minute. I figured the color wasn’t much of an issue. I guess it could be all weird colored and deformed. I might have a photo under cfl right now if that helps…

It’s kind of yellow… I have some 2700’s in there too… I’ll go get a better photo…

Natural light…

Phosphorus and calmag deficient combined likely increase her feedings a little

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From seedling, from first growth? I thought they were supposed to have what they needed for the first couple of weeks? Here’s some more photos from a few days old to a couple weeks. I also thought I had to wait at least three weeks before I could feed them anything but water?

I also forget to say that the humidity started at about 70-75 first few days, then brought it down a few every 1-2 days. It’s now about 45%. And temps have been 74f-80f, with plenty of fresh air.

The plant is the one on the top right in all photos.

Sorry those photos loaded a little out of order… you can see what’s going on though. Also they had more light than it looks in the photos. I had to shut some off for photos…

It is possible from nutrients, and your humidity is definitely a little low for their stage of growth, you should be around 65-70% humidity still.

It may just overall be to hot and dry for them and also being said 80 being a max temp or 74-80 degrees and 45% humidity thats considered a hot dry climate and when,you get to that point it potentially can cause health problems for plants. This is because in a hot dry climate evaporation pressure is really high causing them to eat and drink alot more than usual. This is a bad environment for plants to be in.

If you can get 75 degrees with 65-70% humidity with the little guys you’ll definitely see happier plants because their diet for food and water will be perfectly balanced allowing them to uptake there nutrients at their pace rather than in a hurry (usually resulting in over fed or overwatered plants).

Thanks! I’ll up the humidity a little. Max temp was 80…it wasn’t like that for long, maybe a few hours. On a really hot day we had about 4 days ago. I always try for under 80. It’s usually not a problem here, most of the time it’s on the cool side and I’m trying to keep heat it. I can just mist them throughout the day if I can’t get the RH up, right? It’s harder to control now because they’ve been transplanted, and aren’t in a small-easily controlled homemade seedling dome.

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Yea it will take a minute but I will work the hardest part when misting is maintaining it as it will try to evaporate within an hour

Look up TMV on google Tobacco Mossaic Virus I could be wrong but if I am right get her away from other plants

Heat to much here’s a couple of pic’s

Notice how the leafs curl up…much like his just my opinion


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Well that TMV is bad…hope it’s not that. It does look like that heat stressed seedling photo. Do you think the genetics could be that different from the plant next to it? Do you think the seeds came from the same plant? I’m just confused because the those two Kimbo are the same strain, from the same order, and have had the same conditions… which makes me actually lean more towards the TMV. I do smoke cigarettes(I know…) but I wash my hands before I go in my plant room…and no smoking in the house. Plus, I haven’t touched them…until last night. I never touch seedlings as I’m afraid of hurting them, and there was no need to move them while in the makeshift humidity dome. Beside watering, I never opened it. There was a computer fan on one end that sucked in fresh air, and basically controlled the humidity and heat.
I seem to remember one of the two in flower now had what looked like the same issue, just not as bad. It did grow out of it eventually. I’ll have to go through old photos and compare.

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It was the sour diesel that was a genetic herm(according to my research).
Looks very similar. Seeds were stored in my fridge. Do you think if the fridge was too cold it could cause this? And why wouldn’t it effect the rest of the seeds in the same fridge…Just throwing ideas out there-and they’re probably way out there lol!

(This is the plant that grew out of the deformities)

I kicked the herm out of my house… and its still long light days so it’ll probably revert back to veg. If not I’ll probably end up killing it so no pollen can find its way into the flower tent.


I thought I put these comparison photos up but I guess not…
No male parts have grown back yet. I’d say it really likes it outside.


Yeah I’d say so, double the tops from a weekey ago!:sunglasses:

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My first grow

Wrong thread?

He is new. I got him started on his own journal.

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