What causes plants to wilt?

Hi everyone
So I’m wondering what are the things that cause plant to wilt like this? It’s mainly happening t o the top of 1 plant (sativa) I’m pretty sure it’s not the light Not 100%.
I’m just after some other ideas on possible causes.
Week 2 flower
Im using gh nutes inc supplements at
1100 ppm
5.7 ph falling from 6.1 in 3 days topping up with plain water.
Temps are getting a bit low after lights off the morning ambient temps getting down to 17-18 degreesC but only for a few hours. Max temp 26-27degreesC
Root system looks ok, my guess is nutrient level too strong so I’ve been diluting with plain water as water level drops but doesn’t seem to show any improvement if anything it getting worse.
Any help is much appreciated also I notice when adding plain RO water to mix the ph drops pretty rapidly afterwards to the point I have to replace the mix to stabilize it again as I feel it takes too much ph up to get it back.
Are there any dwc gurus about I’m sure this is some sort or chemical reaction causing the drop considering the RO water shows a ph of 7 or higher.

Couple of thoughts:

  • Do you feel any slime on whales of buckets/roots? Some anerobic bacteria are acidophilus and will drop the pH. Are you using any sugars or organics in your mix?
  • Could be nutes that become insoluble due to concentration are clinging to the roots that become resolublized when you bring the level up.

They wilt when you hurt their feelings…


I’d really like to make it up to her… any tips?

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No, they’re females, there’s nothing you can do, the more you try, the worse they respond!


All joking aside, they look rich on nutrients, backing off on nutrients may help, but it takes longer to respond than if they were hungry and wanted nutrients. Over fed or over watering, once the damage is done it takes time to repair.


I’d like to give you an entire day’s worth of likes for that.

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from what i have read and understand is that it could as well be a lack of light , over /under watering , or even like @Shatter said perhaps its the nutrients ever flush it and start all over ?

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