What can I do to get the heat out of my grow box

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have a 32 by 32 by 60 grow tent first time I’ve ever used one it worked great but I built my own box and it’s 32 by 66 by 68 how many square feet is that and how much wattage light do I need for 5 plants to grow good and successful. And what can I do to get the heat out of my grow box stays about 90 to 95 degrees at all times should I put an air conditioner in it I truly trust everything that I read that y’all write everything so far as long as I do it 30 it works like to do work to a T you’re very good at what you do thank you very much

32x66=2112 divided by 144=14.666 or roughly 15sqft lighting goal should be 35-55w x 15 a 600w HID or several LED fixtures totaling close to 600 true watts

a enclosed vented light shade cool tube etc. would reduce heat greatly. Also a high flow exhaust and fresh air drawn from cooler space with warm air expelled away from space

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