What can I do now to improve my grow?

Hey. This is a GreenCrack fem at appx 94 Days from germ and appx 31 days into the flowering stage with estimated 30 more days to go by the Uploading: AD556846-D2A4-4ECE-83DB-8DFA7D916425.jpeg… Uploading: ED8BE784-2F5C-4500-8947-80928BFB7FAB.jpeg… Uploading: 52C6AC87-0F5E-40A0-96B9-1051DB10C445.jpeg… Uploading: 8BE2B145-F039-4C9D-8C54-2462C006DBB9.jpeg… Uploading: 70F18AC4-8072-490E-BF6E-CFFB7495F450.jpeg… Breeder. What can I do at this point to improve quantity quality etc. prune some leaves ? Tuck some away ? Remove smaller buds ? any input/advice is appreciated thanks ppl

Picture didn’t come out right

N dont go by breeders time. Watch ur pistils go dark. Then start trich watch (need jewelers loupe or some type of scope)

These low price jewelry loupes are great for checking out the pistils

There’s lot of stuff out there. Looking forward to your pics, but if you went with 60 days of veg, I gotta think you got a big plant. Start here. The guides and the grow bible will have the type of stuff you are looking for. People on the site do things like trimming techniques, SCROGs, splitting the stem, using molasses, final days in complete darkness - tons of stuff. For me, so far, I have kept it simple with some limited low stress training and topping - otherwise I just let it grow.

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I’m learning all I can from all who are willing to share. Apologies on pics. I’m having great difficulty uploading pics sometimes. Yes , I did veg it for appx 33 Days. I reduced light from 20-4 by 2hrs per day until 12-12 achieved and it flowered immediately no preflower or it was combined ? But no preflower. I bent and tied similar to a checkerboard ,sog, scrog etc pattern. Plant is 33” diameter and 30” tall with base stem at 2” diameter. I wish I had experience with cloning I’m aware of trichs molasses etc. I’m hoping to get some tips to better my plants production and of course pics would be great lol I’m trying. Thanks for input

Zparkie2 I’m having issues uploading pics (Hey im 58 too lol ) If you go to the post “Rookie with issues” the Gcrack is in foreground but that pic was 8 days past. Work on resolving pic issues

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Any luck posting? Try uploading one at a time. And when you select it to load and see the moving percentage, dont touch anything until it gets to 100%. Click after the jumbled mumbo, then enter/return, and post another

Not luck yet on pics. I will take your suggestion and try uploading 1 at a timeI did purchase a another ph meter arrived today. Dr. Meter Thanks

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Try again 1 pic at a time. Hoping to get ideas suggestions etc that will help me improve through flowering. Improving yield and insuring plant has what it needs to reach its potential. Since I first attempted uploading I have since taken the top buds on the side receiving 2700k-5000k. The trichs were 75% cloudy. The plant is GreenCrack 27” tall and 39” diameter.The side receiving majority of full spectrum LED lighting (600watt draw 2400watt equivalent Yada yada ) is slower to ripen. Any ideas on that anyone ? Even though I harvested the majority of the plant I’d still appreciate any input. The lantern also suffered from ph and nute problems. I’ll include before and after harvest photos

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No idea. But that is a BEAUTIFUL site to behold.

Thanks I appreciate that word. I took them earlier then I should have. I was a skeered of /(*&+ up again. I’m watching my PH water better on this mix of Autos and using no nutes this time but a little sorghum.

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