What Autoflower will survive these circumstances?

A question from a fellow grower:

“I live on the 26th Parallel. Deep South Texas. The outside temps are 100° from April thru end of September. With humidity, the heat index stays well above 110° for days / weeks on end. What would be a good Auto for this oppressive humidity and temps?”

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Gonna have to say a sativa dominant auto, or any Sativa dominant strain. Sativa grows naturally in Mexico close to that area. So it’s going to be more suited for that climate. I’m growing sativa dominant strains bc I live in Texas and have to hide in the attic. Heat here is the real deal. My plants are handling it just fine. Run lights through the night on 12/12 and run off time through hottest part of day through 18/6.

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We have had a good year so far this year temperature wise but triple digits are coming. :grinning: