What are your thoughts on my first run?

Here are my first little ladies I have ever raised. 2 white widow and 2 Gelato autos. I let one of each go natural and tried minimal LST on one of each. Closet run in soil with 225w led supplemented with two 65w led on either side. 20/4 light schedule. FF ocean bottom with Happy Frog top. a little calmag every watering and 50% recommend dose of FF Trio nutes every other watering (haven’t started Tiger Bloom yet). They have been above ground for 3 weeks.

How do they look? Am I entering the pre-flower stage? any suggestions?


Plants look very healthy. Your lights sound nice. What did you get?


screwed up at first and got an Amazon light that ended up being 65w. found a 225w LED panel at Lowe’s with Samsung diodes for under $200.

I think you have done an excellent job with your plants. :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks nice and healthy, keep it going


Keep up the good work plans look healthy.:+1:

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An update on my progress:

35-40 days into my first run. seem to be flowering well. White Widow and Gelato. started another crop 3 weeks into 1st run and they seem to be catching up with the originals?!? I am getting a little crowded, but ac infinity will be fixing that issue soon. Any suggestions?

FFOF, FFHP, CalMag, FFTrio
330w LED
4x2 closet