What are these things? Looks like seed pods but supposed to be fem seeds. White widow


Looks like foxtailing


Yep, looks like its foxtailing. Is this happening on your main cola?


Foxtails for sure


How close is your light ? Light can sometimes stress the plant cause it to foxtail , sometimes it’s genetics . No seed pods thankfully .

It did get up to the lower 80’s 1 day, lights are 22 inches to reduce heat, all cloudy tricomes, some amber in 1

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You can trim the foxtails off now and try to keep them small or when you harvest. I did at harvest and that’s what I’ve been smoking on while the rest cure

Your pic… Corso?


Yes Cane Corso

Looks like the leaves are tacoing my last one did the same thing when I burnd it with the light the leaves tacoed the ud foxtails

Well this is the harvest first day burping and I start finding these. Will this effect the smoke? I had 3 other plants that were growing beside these that are still in flower. Worried it effected them. White widow femanized

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Missed this response. I have one too.

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