What are my 9 week buds doing?

This is my second grow and first indoor. I have 3 liberty haze plants from seeds in 7 gal. cloth pots in a 2x4x7’ 7" Gorilla grow tent. I’m using fox farm flower boosting products beastie bloom and cha ching as a base nutrient I’m using miracle grow. I don’t know the PH of my medium but used black gold soil with added peralite. I feed every 3-4 days and use FF sledgehammer every 3-4 weeks. I have had the nuts maxed out so when I see signs of too much I cycle PH water (6.0), Cal Mag Plus and molasses. Installed a CO2 mushroom box a week ago. Canopy is under a 960 Watt LED at full spectrum for the first 7 weeks and had to switch to just bloom on the light as the ambient temp has started to heat up here in the San Joaquin Valley CA raising tent temps up to 85+ degrees. Humidity was fluctuating from 34% upto 67% after feedings but just put in a dehumidifier yesterday.

So this is what is going on: The plants appears to be super healthy but its taking its sweet time to mature the flowers as the plants are in week 9 of flowering. The flowers that are nice and chuncky started to grow these large single broad leaf and the flower stem stretched as if to make room for more flower development. What did I do to cause this? I am hoping this is a good thing just gonna have to wait and see.What is up with my flowers in week 9

It almost looks like it’s returning to it’s vegetative state.

@Majiktoker? @pigSquishy?


It’s fine leave them alone one bladed leaves come during the process some times if I’m not mistaken its either a mutation or genetics that form one bladed leaves give her atleast another 3 weeks hence the “haze” haze plants are mostly sativa that can go 12-24 weeks so be patient with them

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Occurring naturally in a dry climate, I wonder how it would do combined with my humidity. I would love to find help for indica strains in my climate. Maybe that could help.

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I had one of my plants last year do that. Looks like it’s going back into veg, but it will be ok.

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Thank you all for your input. I truly appreciate the time…because the plants are emerald green and appear in good health (and hazes) I will wait to see if the buds fill in. Man possibly up to 24 weeks? yikes I was hoping for no more than 14 we will see. Happy growing!

Slow and steady my friend patience is a virtue not a statue :smile: