What about the mycorrhizae and other less soluble stuff in Autopots?

So it’s really very simple.
I mix my nutrients solution just as i always would and I add 3-5lm h2o2 at the very end “after” i have PHed the water. (I do check the PH again after added it just to be sure it didn’t change it, and I honestly can’t remember a time it did)
This is what I use alot and get pretty good results.
Flowering nutes isn’t listed but It’s 7ml micro, 3ml gro, 10ml bloom per gallon. Plus 3-5ml cal-mag and h202.

I said earlier i wasn’t going to use silica but I will probably continue, its cheap and I do believe i see a difference in stem/stalk strength…


I guess its important to add, from what I’ve read abput studies done by water treatment engineers, h202 has a half-life of about 7-14 days in water without any biological material.
In water that has any kind of biological material, it’s half life can be as little as 15mins…
So if you find your useing it to actually kill something in your system, you would want to use it more ofter…

But I try to guess what they may use in 7-10 days and mix up that much solution.

H2o2 is simply water with an extra oxygen molecule attached to it. It breaks down into pure water and releases the free oxygen molecule increasing the oxygenation of the solution aswell.


Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. One more question: what is the strength of your h2o2? I ask because I have the regular 3% and I also have a food grade 35% so I can dilute it down as much as needed.


Sorry should have said, but its the 3%.

Im not on much as i use to be so i may be slow to reply sometimes… but Google "h2o2 in hydroponics " some good scientific information about the pros and cons.
And not alot of cons really long as you are stuck on "having to have microbes "as its literally a sterile system, no bad or good life in the root zone…


Hey @beardless i was just reading through some post about auto pots and saw you use them with fish shit. Is it ok for me to use fish shit in the rez? Have you had any problems with it? Thanks buddy hope all is well.


I’ve never had a problem using it as long as I rinse between fills because it can cause a film.

The H2O2 that is used in horticulture is usually a 29% solution. This is far stronger than H2O2 used in first aid, which is only a 3% solution. You can find it at hydroponic shops. The stuff I have is 27% and is made to be used in hot tubs and pools. Remember to wear gloves

Use the food grade at 2.5 ml per gallon