Wetting agents with Autopots

Hello, I am getting ready to start a grow with photo period plants in coco/perlite mix grown in autopots. I have a ended up with advanced Nutrients coco base nutrients, big bud, cal mag, and general hydroponics Armor Si silica.
My question is if I should get a wetting agent like Yucca? And if I need an additive to aid in keeping the lines clean?

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@Nicky does autopots I believe. Alot of other folks too. Me mentioning him might bring him in and get him to notice this thread.

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I’d skip the yucca but add drip clean for the lines.

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Did you buy new AutoPots with the AquaValve 5 or are you using a previous version?

I tried using the advanced nutrients last year with an AutoPot using an aquavalve 4, but the smaller diameter 1/4 inch tubing would plug up.

I’m trying it again this year with the larger 3/8 diameter tubing and fittings of the AquaValve 5 and so far no clogging problems.

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I just bought it, it’s the spring pot with the black auto valve. I am not sure how to tell what generation it is. I have been doing a lot of research on the whole thing and didn’t think the Advanced Nutrient coco line would clog it. I don’t think they have organic matter in them. Any other tips?

The 1/4” lines clog constantly, the 3/8” lines are much better for flow never had a clog but…

They’re designed poorly, the front end of the valve seems to get lifted a bit and cause them to overflow.

If you fix a piece of 3/8” line above your nutrient line to just keep that front nose of your valve down it helps

As to your question I’ve never used a wetting agent in my planters. The wicking system works quite well

I do run a 15 pot system so my experiences may be more frequent than others. A monthly maintenance of your system also helps with valve failures

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You have the new valves, they should be black and grey if I am correct and as @PharmerBob 3/8 lines.

Running AN without drop clean shoukd be fine, just ensure you have a wave maker or a water pump in the reservoir that kicks on for 15-30min every 2hr (cheap mechanical timer works great).
Each time your reservoir is low, rinse it out to avoid buildup and clogging.

Durring veg check the trays once a week to watch for roots that try to mess with your valves, once in flower roots stop growing so no need to check.

Drip clean is great to clean the lines after and all the valves, toss a bunch in a 5 gallon pale or a full sink of hot water and let them sit for 24 hours.
Put your mouth on the end of each hose and blow them out.
Silica can slowly block lines so be aware of that, but silica is a must.

Good luck any questions let us know


Great thanks for all the tips. I have a pump and timer for the res all ready to go.

Anyone use hydrogen peroxide in the res or some other method to prevent bad microbs?