Western Australia Busts :-(

Yesterday a heap of busts happened in the area I live. The news said it was an Asian crime gang.
To me it doesn’t matter if it’s crime gangs or just one person…its a shame that all weed and effect has now gone to waste!


Holy batman …now the whole district sub station will be high for months for free on all that work to produce them big buds …Wow !!!

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That is just so wrong, soo wrong :sob:

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Just before Christmas too…its always hard to find it this time of year as it is!

Im from melbourne, vic, thats looks like a crazy farm hahah they screwed uppppp

Yoshi, while I have it on my mind my lights are working great now! I had to move the ground from the heat sink to the light body. The owner Mark is great and was in Hawaii with his family for the holiday and still took the time to e-mail me until I got it right. That say’s volumes to me about him and his company. Thanks again for your help Yoshi. Mike

The news said it was 1000 plants across several houses. They say it’s a street value of 3.3 million…so thats $3300 per plant. So I’m guessing they are saying that $25 a gram and each plant is 132 grams of bud. They also said that was a conservative street value…Theres no way I’d go to thier dealer haha

@mcicchino that’s awesome buddy now that your light is working properly , but I was very concern about that being against you for as replacing the unit , but they say the advance platinum P300-600-900 Led lights are really strong intense lights since they were introduced to the market and it has the strongest PAR Lumens next to the Apache Tech which is probably the strongest out there , but Mike and Paul I think was in business together when they designed advance lights and now they have departed on they on separate way , but they both sell they design under the same brand name Advance , but platinum is not the same as Diamond Series or XTE models , but I’m super happy you got yours figured out cause I want to see your over all outcome when harvest . This really helps many of us with investing in certain brands of lights . Honestly I would like to grow with a MarsHydro Pro II Cree 256 , Advance DS XML 650 , XTE 300 , Advance Platinum , Vipaspectra 900 , Black Dog 1,000 , Spectra King , and Kind 1,000 , basicly each model light to get an over all science on production , but we just cannot throw that money away , but that would definitely help figure out which light out performs for as production . But I found a killer deal on a whole setup for $579 on a 2x4x6 with a HPS vented hood Mh bulbs for veg and HPS for flower with ballast , smart pots , soil , nutrients , inline fan , carbon filter , oscalating fan , hygrometer , and you can choose soil or hydro setup in various sizes with HPS or LED but I’m really considering the HPS setup since I already have a small LED setup , that way I can have both to see what would give the best yield , are I can just used a T-5 to veg and run the HPS hood with my LED together and see how that would turn out , cause I have a friend that runs a homemade Led system he built his self with HPS bulbs hanging vertical along side of the Led lights and man his buds be like freaking moon rocks straight off the plant , super dense and massively big .

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Thanks Yoshi. Can we talk about lights and stuff here or should we make our own thread? I don’t want to cause any trouble. Mike

@mcicchino I think it might be best you start a thread on lights maybe , and we can talk about them , I don’t think it’s good to post links of sales here , but talking and discussing should be tolerable .

ok! I will start one

That’s what you get for talking about your grow

Must be some Really good smoke!!

@mcicchino just tagged me with the @ symbol cause I have lots of options on lighting and some are pricey , but some are much affordable , but they all work on some level to growing , but some are really kick ass and I think are the new era of technology and can really produce great quality buds .

Hey would that killer deal be on a link you could put up? Amazon, or dealerz I’m very interested! If not then don’t worry just my luck