Well well how are we doing

My babies in flowering since 3/3.



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You got it going Mom

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doing real well Mom there looking good.

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I think Long Duck Dong describes the plants best


@Hotstuffmom nice looking nugs popping! Great job training too!

that guy still makes me laugh


Game on and looking good :love_you_gesture:

Looks good. I like seeing these types of posts so I can gauge my progress. Here’s mine on day 33.


Is that day 33 since being a seed? Curious on how folks determine days. I count my days from the day I drop it from germination meaning there is a tail

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I start counting my flowering days when I flip to 12/12. Some people start counting when they see first pistils. It easier for me to count at 12/12, and then I always figure on 12 weeks from then until completion. Sometimes it’s sooner, sometimes it’s a little longer. My pic was 33 days from flip.


Looking good.

Can’t wait to see how they progress

That’s how I keep track the day I turn light to 12 12. I started on March 3


What strain is that

Pure Power Plant

lookin great !

I’ve only took one or two plants past 12 weeks of 12/12 and one I overcooked. You must grow a lot of sativa.

Like you should. Anything else is an arbitrary line

Nooooooooo it has to sprout first. What if it never sprouts? Do you say it died on day 3? Some people count the day they drop the seed in water also further muddying waters. Sprout is day 1 and 12/12 is day 1 flower. Anything other than those verifiable visual factors is just stoner lore. This is not to say you’re counting wrong these are just facts. Count however you feel comfortable though

Great info, thanks for clarifying that! It has been a thought of mine for quite sometime. Glad I was able to get good information. Sometimes I see photos of grows and think man my stuff is growing in slow motion!!

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exactly my sentiments. I see guys with monster colas at “2 weeks flowering” and :roll_eyes:

I have no clue what type they are just started from seeds we get from other plants or from someone else