Well the Frog is outta the pan and into the fire

The girls in Happy Frog have had a little too much to drink. One in 5 gallon fabric One in 3 gallon fabric.
The story is rather extensive and I’m seeking knowledge from this ever evolving community of some really nice super relaxed peeps so here goes:

I believe I’ve got plenty of time before I need to add any further nutes.
Plant #2-6 @33 days old has no signs of any white hairs/it is in a 3 gallon pot of ONE HOT FROG(Happy Frog)and runoff (2.5 cups) Ph’d @5.8 and had an EC of (are you sitting down?) 5.53 and yes I checked it 3x.
I thought surely I had monkeyed up calibration this morning but nope,so EC is 2765 ppm.

Plant# 2-11(25 days old) in 3 gallon pot of Ocean Forest checked in @ Ph-6.8 and EC-3.26 so it is rt @1630 ppm and she has a few very tiny white hairs showing,she is the tiniest @ 26 days old.

Plant# 2-8(33 days old) in a 5 gallon pot of Hoppity Had a run off that Ph’d @5.6 and an EC of 8.31 for a ppm of 4155…yikes. No Hairs showing.

Plant# 2-7 (33 days old) in a 5 gallon pot of Ocean Forest had Ph of 6.7 and an EC of 3.40 or ppm of 1700. Also has a few hairs.

So in conclusion the happy frog has sky high ppm and no hairs visible while the Ocean Forest has a more moderate ppm and hairs beginning to emerge.

They are all sitting under a california lightworks solar system 1100 at a 20 hr DLI of 39-40.Im guessing someone knowledgable is going to tell me to flush the hell out of Kermit and let it ride with straight water on the Ocean Forest until we get into AUTO Flower preflower ppm range which is? (you get to answer that one).Lol.
And yes the EC WAS ADJUSTED for water EC value (deduction) and all flushing water was Ph’d adjusted to 6.4-6.5.

I’m gripping the chair hands free waiting to hear what to do next. Now I have to do battle with the grow room temp and humidity.
Temps keep spiking trying to keep RH up,Fan kicks on …there it all goes, Lowered the light to put 20 hr DLI within range @ 40% of veg spectrum and still bouncing.Mayben raise it up closer to the exhaust fan and increase % until proper 20 hr. DLI will help with that heat leaving sooner.

I’d be willing to take a verbal kick in the sack if it means straightening that out…

,so what do you think ,should I be doing anything special going forward looking at the results?


I like your reflective root coverings. My advice, use good sunglasses when entering grow
Good going and great update, thanks.

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well thanks but i actually stole the idea from another fellow in the forums elsewhere,once at temperature ,it would take quite a spike to destabilize that root zone and I think as long as I remove them and give the fabric an hour to breath and wipe down the outside and flip it around so you never have an opportunity for something nasty. Just seemed like a good thing to do.
What should i be doing about those crazy ppms?

I have plenty left from construction.

thats really cool,i was thinking the same thing but it seems you have overcome what prevented me from doing so was soil contact and a possible bacteria or whatever.

The reflective foil is kept off the soil and does not touch soil, much.
Possibly unable to see the clear, cut down to 3/4 gal size plastic jug, underneath…
I was growing seedling/clone (s) replanting from dixie cup to cut gallon to 4 gal final.
Reading methods utilized by others, I am changing grow steps utilized to skip the 3/4-cut gallon residency and transitioning to 4, 5 or 10 gal bags. FEWER plants, more attention.
On a positive learning note for sharing, the clear plastic allowed me to see seven day growth of roots was 7 inches, just like plant above ground. Foil is “slotted” for stalk fitting.

Having the reflective around a fabric pot doesnt that defeat the purpose of using fabric pots cause the roots are supposed to be air pruned with fabric pots right having the reflective around the pot wouldnt allow air pruning to take place which will cause the roots to grow outside the pot i could be wrong

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I suppose you may be correct if that reflective liner was never to come off which it does every feeding/lst/defoliating for about an hour,at which point is is sanitized and \daily it is loosened to about 1/2 " all the way around for 2-4 hrs for air circulation. So at what point I am defeating the air pruning principles and characteristics of the fabric pots I am not sure as I am a newbie and have zero experience with which to establish a KNOWN benchmark.