Well something popped up

White Widow Auto. Happy Frog soil over top of ocean Forest. 600 watt LED light


Looks like she’s wearing a seed shell cap

Will that hurt her

Honestly I dont know I gently removed it from mine 2 days ago

Let it try to come off as it grows, also from pic, it seems a little wet…don’t over water the baby! If Mother Nature doesn’t make the shell come off, you can try to gently remove but I would wait

keep her domed

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Congrats! New baby best of luck

So do I assume today is day one for her

Yup. Day 1 from seed. I dont really count it as ‘veg time’ tho. Usually a week or two of seedling phase

Got it. I just didn’t want to be wrong on their birthdays oh, LOL.

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I usually count veg from when they get about 3 sets of leaves

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