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I live in a hot humid environment. Sometimes experience complications during flowering stage i.e. bud rot, mold. Would it be wise to construct a small greenhouse for flowering or maybe a shed or flowerhouse? Im not sure if it would accomplish much considering the humidity. It would however prevent them from getting rained on. We have wet winters here. What would you suggest?

Any way that you can keep the wind and rain at bay will be of great benefit during flowering. I have constructed on open sided clear roofed structure purely to prevent the plants from getting wet. I have suffered from mould and bud rot in the past and i think this is the way to go. Hook up a guttering system to catch the rainwater in a drum and use to water your plants.Open sided still allows heaps of airflow for the plants and temps are comparable to outside, maybe a degree or 2 warmer. Go for it man.


Outdoor its definitely hard to control humidity
I would personally build a structure if you have the means it depends on the budget
i use a cheap green house metal frame type and it works well ventilation is the biggest issue with them im planning a more permanent build of a structure the has proper ventilation and air circulation
so having electricity available will be something you want to think about about
And maybe if humidity is really a factor a dehumidifier as well or ac


Cheap and easy fix buy a dehumidifier and it depend on size of room on how big to get my tent I have it drain into a sealed 5 gal bucket and I empty the bucket when it gets about half full. Sry that’s for indoor not outside I can’t grow outside. I’m in the city lol

He is outdoor

I’m in a humid area as well. I put a fan on mine last year and it helped with the moisture lingering on it. It’s biggest pest was me though! This year I’m loving them from afar.


Beautiful plant @Beans! What strain is that? Love the fan idea too! Was considering a small open ended greenhouse with a small fan blowing. Anyone have an opinion on how many hours of direct sunlight a flowering plant needs? The issue im facing is i live in the woods and if i build a greenhouse where im vegging, i run the risk of the greenhouse being spotted by passers by. The only wide open space i have is where im vegging. It still cant be seen in open sight but with a greenhouse, it would draw attention. Have other spots in the woods with open areas but not as open as where im vegging. Where im vegging is about 10hrs direct sunlight. Other open spots could probably get 5hrs direct sunlight.

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The amount of available direct sunlight is directly related to yield. The more sun the better. Can you place the greenhouse in direct light and hide the greenhouse with some carefully placed foliage?