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I’m just gonna share a quick stoned story, if that’s cool! I’m watching “Spy,” with Melissa McCarthy right now. 2nd viewing. 1st time was back around March. I hadn’t been high in a couple of months, and took a vacation to Colorado. I had just come from the dispensary and loaded a bowl when it came on HBO in the hotel room. I sparked up right during the opening scene and got high as a kite, and just became engrossed in this movie! Never really seen much of Melissa, but became an instant fan, something about the combination of the fast action opening and that killer buzz shot this flick to the top of my recommendation list! :slight_smile:


Sorry it has taken so long to get back to this, but the move to my new home has been even more involved than I thought it would be.

I tried to send a PM about post #276. I feel you misunderstood me and I would like to address it without cluttering up this thread. If you could PM me first I would appreciate it. All I saw on your profile was a link to your website. No PM option.

Thank you @latewood.

Lol. Ive been watching key and peele on Hulu. Funny

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Got hooked on fallout 4 lol. It’s very much like skyrim

Hope yer getting settled in well. Send us some pics of the new garden when you can.

Hey Stomper. Will be a long time to settle in. Still looks bad, just livable now.

I had to give up the grow moving in here because of all the drama with people getting mad that my wife got her dad’s house. I am hoping enough time has passed. I just dropped 5 popped seeds, but I’ll start a topic for that conversation.

It’s good to be back. I think depression was starting to set in from lack of delving into my passion. Lol
My service here sucks, so connecting online is spotty now.

:sunglasses:It’s cool though. I can walk to the river now. Farther out, less convenient. More beautiful. Fair trade for me!


I just started a new grow myself. I got impatient with my WW seeds and tried to germinate them in coco loco :scream: Killed em all. Got more on the way and some Jack Herrer. New grow is all the same as last grow. Gonna Scrog em. Got a log going under the grow journals and welcome all input.

Don’t over work yerself cleaning up. It’ll get done. Have a beer and a bowl and some old rock n roll.

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I am watching the series "Legends and Lies. I am into season 2 “The Patriots” Catching up on my American History! :slight_smile:

But really; I am waiting for the damn rain to stop in Bristol, so I can watch the finish of last night’s rained out Bass Pro Shops race. grrrrr LOL

I look forward to seeing yours and Florida Son’s new grow Journals :slight_smile:

This is mine Bubbelicious 4x4 Scrog started Aug 1

:sweat:yeah…I still don’t know how to do the links with my phone. If I hadn’t burned a bowl of Hash Plant I could probably remember the name of the topic I started today. Sour Bud. I’m pretty retarded when it comes to tech.

Hell yeah! This will be mine. Time to top off this Hash Plant buzz with a bowl of Black Raspberry!

Hmm…I thought it would just do the link. Still learning…

With phone click and hold link and click copy link adress

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Thanks man I’m sorry the VA hasn’t taken care of you have you seen how my girls are coming along

This has been a CRAZY DAY ! Hope ya’ll did better than me.


OK now. We are not going to flood the Green Room with grow journals. PLease.

Dlad to see you here FS. after the other day, you said you were going to stay in the Lab. LOL

Remember! The Lounge is a sanctuary away from grow advice or Q & A. It is cool to share a link I guess but, all discussion on that grow should be done at the topic of said link. OK? Peace, lw :slight_smile:

@FloridaSon @Stomper,

I don’t have time right now but, I will check out your journals later. Thanks, lw :slight_smile:

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My bad @latewood. I was just trying to link the journal that you wanted to see.

It was actually @mcicchino that had made the statement of staying in the lab. I know, so many different posts that it gets mixed up who said what sometimes. It’s all good.

By the way, I have noticed him around here. I am thankful he remains, allowing those of us that can’t afford the lab to still benefit from the knowledge he has to share.

One day I’ll get in there. Priorities demand that it’s later instead of sooner.

Off to see the wizard…

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I’ll be glad when this year is over,want to be in my new place by February… Get my tent kit and set it up and see if I can grow cannabis lol, I’m sure I’m going to need some advice but it will all work out… Thanks

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Rain kinda bummed me too. I went through Bristol during the Nascar race while heading up to New England area. Rain followed me all the way. BTW: got a chance to talk to Garrigan62 for a while. Was nice to meet fellow growers from the site! Am going to head up north again in about 2 weeks. Want to see the autumn leaves again. Western NY had just changing when I left late Aug. Love this time of year ! Stay safe! Jerry