Weird stringy thing...anyone ever seen this?

I have found 2 of these on different plants, 1 in soil, 1 in DWC. They are not flexible, and they fall off with the slightest touch. Due to this, I only got one photo…

A rouge root?

Thought it was an inch worm at first, no clue, never seen that. When they fall off, do they disintegrate or stay together? Are there any wounds where it was attached to the stem?

Yeah wondering if thats a root and you had medium close to it early on and/or if you did any trimming near there?

Let me guess it’s at a split in the branch exactly where the pistols are. And they are growing several inches long and break off when you touch them correct? Funny thing is I was showing my wife those the other day.

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@Hellraiser I haven’t found one after they fell off. Nor do I see evidence of where it was.

@TheAlchemist they ate definitely not near the soil, both were near original topping splits.

@SKORPION glad to know there’s someone else with the same thing. I didn’t put together the fact they are where the pistols are, but definitely near the original topping splits.

The visual consistency is mineral-like, similar to a hard coral. Living in a rainforest of Hawaii, there are a lot of plants here and I’ve never seen this anywhere else.


The way I explained it to my wife is a male has just a sack and the female has a calyx. I think that’s the word that reaches out searching for pollen so when they don’t get it they try to reach further and further to get it basically they are horny.

Lol…nice revision. And good to know I have ladies. One of the plants is not in flower yet, 2 weeks shy of 60 days old, and still in veg room. The one in the pic is a week into flower schedule.

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Yeah I noticed them laying on my tent floor and was like what’s that I had to figure it out myself.

Did u get one a check it out under loop? I got a magnifying app on my cell that is great for that sort of thing. Only it doesn’t take a pic, you have to grab a screen shot. Wish I could’ve found the ones that dropped off.

No I didn’t I saw it and investigated my plants and I saw about 10 so I followed them back to the source and was like oh that makes sense.

Ive seen those. Those are the leftover long stem from a plucked fan leaf. They hang around for a while, look weird, and then fall off.


I second it’s a stem from a plucked off leaf.