Weird plant growing

any explanations it did this itself

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Plants with that much distance between the nodes need to be getting more light.

I can’t comment on the leaves. It’s impossible to see them in that red light.

Was talking about the split it made

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Yeah. I see that now. It’s called self-topping. It happens once in the while.

A self topper. Get a clone and see it it does it again.
What is the distance between the V with the 4 leaves and the next node? It seems to more than you would want.

Just experimenting and yes I need more lighting and appreciate any and all help as I am new and it’s 8 and a half weeks old also have one the same age budding

As well as one that was tied, topped and fim done and it’s 8 weeks flower with multiple buds

Yeah some leg :leg: showing , maybe lower your light how far is from your plant

They got that way early because light was far away and definitely my beginners inexperience for not getting enough information before trying to grow

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I see, I get you it took me around 5 attempts to actually harvest something and it wasn’t a lot but great :dash:

Can I ask what kind/brand/type of light you’re running?

Started with 4ft. florescent light and grow bulbs and getting led lights up and ordered full spectrum light but couldn’t wait to grow thus beginners anxious inexperience

Ran out of post time cause I’m new not rude so I’m making sure I respond and my apologies if it seemed rude

Untill then I’d put all them lights up

Thanks for the help and I appreciate any