Weird looking bud?

I have a weird looking bud with three tops? Is this somewhat normal? Thanks


Is that, by chance, the strain OG?

No, they are Northern Lights. Thanks

Any chance the bud was damaged early in flower. Accidentally FIMed or something. Possibly if you were reaching into the tent and hit it. otherwise no clue - looks good though

The triple headed dragon! Lol I’ve had this happen a couple times and the guy above is correct. With mine I purposely topped the auto and it didn’t have enough time to grow out from each other so they grew ontop of each other

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I do lots of lst and training to plants. Autos do some weird stuff when you train them.

LOL searched for images of “Triple headed dragon marijuana”

It is towards the front of the tent. I either bumped it or maybe got it with the zipper? Kinda cool. Thanks