Weird Leaf Issue and Discoloration

Hey guys so my Gorrilla Glue plant is showing some discoloration on its leaves and I need some advice. All of my plants are planted in FFOF with no nutes just tap water. Also one of its leaves is missing a finger lol, is this a genetic issue maybe? Let me know what info you need from me.



Most likely genetics. Nothing to worry about. Looks good :+1:

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Thanks Man here’s my other big baby Bruce coming up on her 4th week


Shes healthy and bushy! On the right track growmie

It looks a little like thrip damage… google some images. I had them - they started on one plant in my tent… they are super hard to see (especially the young ones). Spinosad or Pyrethrin if you find some… look on top and under the leaf. Hopefully you’ll find nothing :slight_smile: