Week 6 do I stop feeding and start flush

Test plant unknown strain last feeding 8/1 technaflora going to use technaflora flora clean to flush

Are they more milky or more Amber or 50/50 ?
You don’t want to go to early

B Safe

Will, trichomes mostly milky hairs are mostly turning brown but lot still sticking up is 8 weeks min so with 2 weeks left do I stop feeding or can I give one more dose and start flushing on week 8

? I clipped one of the top buds to learn the harvest and curing process didn’t have good pair of clippers ordered some but this has been hanging in hvac closet bout 6 days now total darkness how much longer before putting into jar and being able to smoke

If the outside feels dry then put it in a brown paper bag for a day or two and then into a jar

Will do thks promised myself will buy anymore if I get this right

The last week no feeding and then do your thing. .with the flush

B Safe

When you can snap that branch with your two fingers she ready.
Like Cash said paper bag then jar. It’s all up to you brother. Either way works well.