Week 11 of flower and she doesn't look ready

It’s my first grow and now im getting advice on when to harvest that has me confused. One buddy with 10 year growing said to cut her. another with about 3 yrs said wait.
vast majority of tric still glassy, buds keep popping open with lots of white pistols popping up. we are all positive she was mis strained. told northern lights, looks and smells more like GSC ( got her as a sprout) cut or wait? best i could do on pics


Personal choice or take some, leave some? Welcome and Congratulations, she looks good.
I am just hitting 3 weeks since ending flip (5 into flower).

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Doesn’t look ready to me. I’d wait a little longer.

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She said, " give me some time to plump up some more." Keep an eye a close up of her trichs. Clear glassy, nope. She will make you happy in a couple weeks.

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@Kushismydog I tend to agree with the others :point_up_2:, fantastic pics btw!! Your pistols seem to indicate still not finished with all those white ones. Do you think she’s foxtailing? You mentioned they keep growing out and the trichs are glassy. Clear is not done. Hold tight!! :green_heart: