Weed that doesn't give you redeye

I just harvested my blueberry auto i grew with only water in my pot-for-pot
And it is giving the smoothest smoke, very heady high, and I noticed no redeye. Anybody ever heard of weed that doesnt give redeye?


I’ve read about strains that give you more red eye than normal so I would assume no red eye is possible!


Still reduced red eye even after smoking it again and again. Im very pleased. I could go for a stronger blueberry smell

Blueberry is in the queue for my next grow. I had one planted this cycle, but the bb turned out to be an outright male. I’ll give it a shot again next grow.

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You had a fem seed that grew a male? Honestly that hasn’t happened to me but I would be very disappointed if it did. You lost all that time and materials growing a male. Sorry to hear about that