Weak seedling stem... looking for other ideas

Hello, I’ve got a 2+ week old auto, that as a history, barely sprouted. Now it has a very skinny and weak stem. I pulled some more dirt over to buttress the stem but it only works so much.

If rain or even a decent breeze hits it, it flops over. Since this is in its final 3-gal container but eventually I want to supercrop and LST her, is there anything I can do to strengthen this skinny bottom other than the bamboo stick I currently have her tied up to?

This is an outdoor deck grow.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.


A silica supplement can help the plant strengthen cell structure.


Bury a bit more of the stem works too.
She should gain a bit more strength as she grows and gets more used to the great outdoors.
I’ve used 5 gal water bottles with the bottom cut off as a dome till they get bigger but that’s usually very early in the season here.
If getting rain throw it on and take it off afterwards.
Helps as a humidity dome too.