We’re letting the parameters…work themselves out

Both plants conceived and tailed at the same time. Both are 6weeks old (left Gelato & White widow (right). They like their nutrition lol :sunglasses:
Btw: This is a test run, these girls haven’t seen temps less then 82degrees with average temps 93 degrees to 100
RH running 38% to 63%

Logs on this grow is the craziest thing I’ve seen.

We’re pushing the envelope on ALL parameters on everything we’ve been taught with tent grows Anyone see anything we should change? Hecklers can pass on by! This isn’t my first Rodeo :cowboy_hat_face:

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Are you increasing CO2 with those temps?
I’m definitely here to watch along. They will surely fade at those temps without extra CO2.

If you wanted to add a variable. Introduce rhizo bacteria and silica to one of them, whichever looks weaker. Since together they should make your girls much more resistant to heat. In theory

@Budz @Maverick064 i would love to follow along. I am experiencing the same temps except my humidity is a bit higher at 63 to 71 highest temp is 100


Really want to try and lower those temps. Why your girl is so thin.

70% is scary with how late you are in flower. Watch for grey mold (bud rot). Although, at the same time. Your temps help you there. Since triple digits kill a lot of molds/mildew. Including powdery

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This is my first attempt at growing. I did most everything wrong. My soil is MG my light is to small, the second plant is a runt that I put outside because I didn’t think it was going to do anything but it kept growing with a no care attitude about it. So I put it back in the tent. It is going very slow. The other plant honestly I don’t know :woman_shrugging: I am anxious to get these plants behind me and do everything different or better! :blush:

Sounds like you learned a lot! So all not lost, took me several grows and lessens to figure it out and still learning every day. Your in a good place here for help.