We Grow the Alaskan Purple

Dropped 10 seeds just a few minutes ago so figured I might as well journal this. These are soaking in spring water and I’m praying for all 10 to pop in a couple days but if we only get 8…that will be just fine.

We will most likely SCROG these running with FF Ocean Forest soil for a medium as well as FF NUTES. 5g or 7g fabric pots haven’t quite decided yet…let’s see how many pop first.


This is going to be good. If you dont mind I’d like to tag along.

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Tent size? Lighting? :v:

Out of likes.

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I have choices!
Can run in a 4x8 or a 5x10. If we get all 10 seeds to go then definitely the 5x10.

Also have 2 different lighting set ups to choose from

Either 4x 240w Phlizon Pro Series PX4 rail style LEDs
3x 615w Phlizon CREE COBs

Or some combination there of…opinions are welcome!

Coverage for the 615w LEDs is 4.2ft x 4.2ft and if we scrog I would be concerned about Coverage in the 5x10…so again waiting to see if all the seeds go


All goes well I think the 5x10 and dropping all those 240w nice and close to the canopy would be sweet

Not the most hopeful looking bunch but I put into double solo cups with the bottom cut off the inner one for ease of transplant

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Some nice little tickley bits showing

So it looks like 7 out of 10 of these have sprouted one is a little behind…I think it will make it tho.

We are going to go with a 10 plant scrog in the 5x10 for this one. 4x 240w rail style QBs.

Since we need 3 more plants…I just dropped 3 of what as far as I can tell are Strawberry Sunset, an 8 to 9wk strain. Which should pair nicely. I recieved them in a promo pack but as far as I can tell from the packaging
that’s what they are.
I’ve got blueberry and Grape Roll Up on deck if need be.

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All three of the Strawberry Sunset seeds have popped. They look like pretty strong tap roots on two of them but I think all 3 will go. So we are going to be set running 7 Alaskan Purple and 3 Strawberry Sunset unless something funky happens.

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Dropped the strawberry sunsets into solo cups this morning…and here…we…go…

Watching Cannabis Grow…the most boring exciting thing you’ll ever do


slowly but surely

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Sorry no updates been pretty boring up til this point…went from solo cups to 1gallon pots and finally to 7 gallon pots yesterday. They have received nothing but RO water.


Strawberry Sunsets all appear to very slow growers…with the disparity in size not so sure a scrog is the best route we will give them a couple weeks and see.

They’re looking good!

So have like 3 Alaskan Purples showing up with deficiency…either some transplant shock or just finicky lil buggers as I’ve got 4 Ice Bombs running in another tent that I never gave anything to until week six of flower and they have never asked for anything.

Looks like Calcium?

This is the Ice Bomb I have going in a 4x4 in week 6 of flower.


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Topped 9 of them today, the 10th was topped a couple weeks ago and is still the tallest plant.

I made sure to leave some stem sticking up to prevent splitting of the main stem.

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To-morrow we will be watering and adding a lil calmag…I think that deficiency showing was a lil transplant shock but it won’t hurt anything to give them a lil extra incase they want it.

We will also be lollipopping and starting some overdue LST. Due to the height disparities I was going to forego to scrog but the GF is insisting on it so whatevs we in…probably drop the screen in tomorrow as well.

Looking good!

So we are forgoing the scrog due to the height discrepancies…these strawberry sunsets seem to be little plants comparatively.

Flip day is here…put the ladies into darkness yesterday eve <<<<< Devils night. Light will be coming back on tonight and running from 10pm to 10am each day.

Night time temps will be below freezing consistently from here out where I live. I’ll be installing a small heater tomorrow morning when the lights are back on.

Happy Halloween!

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