Watermelon Zkittlez auto

Auto watermelon Zkittlez.
Planted February in hydroponic producer.
The beautiful
Buds on the left are all one plant.


@Growmedic they look really good! Your lights are very different from the led’s and tubes I’ve seen. Whatcha running up there?

Tap water with mantis nutrients only.
It’s a hydroponic computerized (producer).
Has dome LED, air pump, fan, o2, fluorescent CFL, charcoal filter, and holds 18 plants.
This is only 6 plants in it right


Oh my goodness. That sure does grow the plants.

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Almost ready.
Can’t wait to try this strain, I’ve heard lots of good things.

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@Growmedic very cool looking leaves on her!! Give us the skinny on her once you’ve had a taste!!