Watering or feeding

How do you water and feeding. Am I drenching the soil completely or just adding until it seems damp. I’m using 5 gallon fabric pots if it matters. I’m so scared of overwatering I’m not sure if I’m giving enough water or nutrients.

Pic of whole plant in the pot?

It depends on the size of your plant. That determines how much water to give. :+1::+1::+1:

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Well I thought when it’s dry you water , but I’m
Just wondering what everyone does when watering or feeding n it’s almost dried up. You soaking the entire soil/substrate again until run off or just giving just enough so looks damp. Is it different for feeding vs watering?

Let soil dry then water/feed to runoff (if it’s an established plant) and repeat. With fabric pots it’s difficult to overwater established plants.