Watering advice for 3 gallon bags

Hello everyone again! I have been trying to grow Cannatonic plants. First attempt I drowned every baby. 2nd attempt used 16 oz cups and watered very lightly and they now have 5 pointed leaves. Transplanted to 3 gallon grow bags. Even though I thought I got the babies moist for transplanting, they were all very dry when transferred to the 3 gallon bags. I just watered the new bags heavily to get the soil moist. About how much water will I start using now with the 3 gallon bags? I’m using Fox Farm Soil and growing in tent. I really worried about over watering but It’s pretty clear my plants were under-watered and showed signed of stress. Ant advice would be greatly appreciated!

Watering quantity should be based on what the plants can consume in a couple of days. How big are the plants? Pics would help, though I will say that if you think you might be overwatering, then you probably are.


In a tent, at say 75 degrees, if you watered thoroughly, I’d guess you could probably go around 5 days. Of course the bigger they get the more they’ll use. Best to go by the pot weight.