Water quantity per plant

I have 2 Sour Diesel’s and 1 OG Kush 3rd week of flowering. I have been giving them a half gallon every few days and they are 3.5 - 4 feet tall. Growing organically using California Super Soil. When I was adding the CA SS Growth Shot, I called them and they said I should only be watering 16 - 20 ounces every few days. Healthy plants now and I don’t want to ruin my garden if I reduce watering so drastically than I have been. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s not possible to prescribe a specific amount, as it will vary based on your unique environment (temps, humidity, light intensity, and so on.)

For a mature plant, water to runoff when you do water and then let the soil dry out before watering again.


Never ceases to amaze me how people can offer such incorrect advice. Based on what was posted, I woud think you are in a 3 or more likely a 5 gallon container. That is a gallon easy every 3-4 days.

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Me either. We unfortunately see a lot of misguided advice from these vendors. We see it in “the guy at my local hydro store said…” too.

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Thanks. Correct; 5 gallon fabric pots.
Doing great as far as I know


Those plants look great! If your current water practice is working, keep it up!

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If you have decent lights and a higher VPD your plants will drink a gallon a day. Mine do.