Water/ice hash. Temple Balls

This is regarding water/ice hash pressed into Temple Balls.

This has probably been asked in the past and it may be common sense… I’m just not to sure.
Broad Spectrum vs. Full spectrum. Is this even a thing when it comes to Temple Balls?

I only use the 120 and 45 micron when it comes to washing. I normally micro plane the 120. The 45 stays thin.

If I’m rolling up a ball at 5 grams and only had 4 grams of the 45 and added 1 gram of the 120 to achieve the 5+ gram mark would this be consider a full spectrum (219 micron → 45 micron)? If it only contained 45 micron would it be a broad spectrum (119 micron → 45 micron)?

To me I feel like each micron has a slightly different taste, terpene profile and overall quality to the resin.

What do youball think?


I think it’s a grey area, that’s just my thoughts I’m not an expert in water hash but I know a bit about it and work with it myself.

Each spectrum and strain is different, fact.
Hash makers will focus on only one spectrum sometimes of one plant, or. Change ratios to get what they want before they enter it into a competition. An art/ science really and that’s why they are called master hash makers, Rip Frenchie.


@Nicky Agreed :slight_smile: