Want to get harvest time right

Is my Green Crack ready? I think maybe another week or so. I like my meds potent but not couch lock potent. Use meds mostly for depression.


Looking good, but agree they need more time.


I see lots of clear! Getting close though. Depending on what you are looking for. How many weeks flowering? @HJL

The seedshop website says they need 7-9 weeks.


Your like 3-4 weeks out still when i grew green crack I was 9 weeks flowering and i think i could have gone 11 .Patience don’t cut yourself short trichomes still real clear weed will be low potency.


Thanks. I’ve waited this long. Want to harvest when she’s ready. It’s more about making room in my tent lol. @Rexx


Not ready yet… :wink:
Cram them in… if your not scrogging and need the room… :wink:
She will be ready soon enough… :wink:

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@MattyBear @bob31 @peachfuzz @Rexx

It’s been another week. What do you fellows think? Trying not to be impatient. I’m thinking at least another week. It is now week 9 of flower.


I’m not seeing any amber yet, are you? I’d say they need more time. Can you post some bud photos?


I’m with @MattyBear I don’t see any amber. You want at least a bit of amber here and there. And yes, trichomes on leaves are good, but you want to check the buds!



I agree with @bob31 and @MattyBear this is the hard part the waiting but if your patient and persevere you will have good meds and the satisfaction of job well done . Remember your still weeks away from having cured weed curing weed correctly is as important as careful growing.I’v seen people spend time and money just to be in hurry and spoil a great harvest by drying too fast the slower the better as long as you keep an eye out for mold. Sorry for rambling i had grandkids all day and grampy needed to talk to big people


Hahaha I know that feeling @Rexx

@MattyBear @bob31 @peachfuzz @Rexx @dbrn32

It’s been close to 11 weeks flowering. Think she’s good?

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I’m patient I can wait longer if you think it needs longer.

I don’t see any amber. Is she still packing weight? What do pistils look like?

Out of likes, but I’m seeing cloudy with clear. I’d give her more time. What’s she looking like overall?

@MattyBear @dbrn32


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Those newer pistils from foxtails? I’d sit on trichs if that’s the case. Wait til you at least get the clears to go milky or start seeing some random amber. But that’s just me.


@dbrn32 @MattyBear

I started flushing her on Jan 18 thinking she would be ready in 14 days. Feb 1 will be 14 days. Is she taking her time because I have stopped feeding her? Should I give her some nutes or just wait it out on water?

Hard to say. Some don’t really like to go amber at all. But if you have clear they’re not ready. You’re probably too deep to feed now though I would think.

Agreed, let her ride. Shes day by day. I’d like to see a few amber pistils which will also let the clear get milky… day to day. No progress in a week, timber @HJL