W W auto first time grow

Want to use worm casings only for fertilizer Thinking 25%, perlite 25%, top soil 50%. 3 gal cloth bag pots, 4X4 tent with 1200 led light plus a grow bulb in a reflective or heat fixture in the 4 corners for the lower part of my plants. Also using rain water only. Any help would be very much appreciated especially if i’m doing something wrong.

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Ph meter and TDS meter are a must. Make sure your soil is right before you put your seedlings in it. Using rain water is good, but your ph levels are really important and rian water in my experience isn’t ph perfect… Intake and exhaust fans are also good too.

Thanks for the info. didn’t mention the 6" exhaust inline fan and i haven’r found a fan yet and everything must be quiet
Thanks again Alfred

These fans usually come highly rated. I just purchased one because the fan I have is too loud at 70 dBa. These are rated at 32dBa. Two different styles one that is manually adjustable and one that adjusts fan speed maintain a specific heat.



I run a 4" one. Super queit…

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