Vision, Seeing Trichomes, and Cataract Surgery

I had cataract surgery on Friday and it has made a massive difference. I can see trichomes now, among other things. Colors really pop now too. Things that I had thought were gray are actually green or blue. The top quarter of the forum pages that says “Marijuana Grow Support” I had though was gray. It is actually blue.

If you are considering cataract surgery I can’t recommend it highly enough. It makes an incredible difference.


Congrats my friend and great to hear :love_you_gesture:


Sweet @MidwestGuy it is amazing what 5 min surgery can do, I did not have the gray color mine was more of a old nicotIne stained bar mirrorcolor of yellow/gold, had both eyes done, one in Oct, the other in Nov 2 yrs ago still need glasses for reading and work but scrip went down and dont need them for driving or watching TV, shooting/hunting it feels awesome still astounded, love your new eyes.


I’ll have to use reading glasses too, but I had to use them before so no big deal at all. My main goal was to be able to follow a golf ball out past 150 yards and to not have a driving restriction requiring glasses. My driving license expires mid next year and I’ll have to do the vision test again.

I had a cloudy spot too. It is gone now.


First pair of glasses need was a month after turning forty, 20 yrs later not any worse NOW :+1:


I’ve heard that about colors being more vibrant. I plan on getting mine removed before I move out of Fl. I would be looking forward to not wearing glasses except just for reading.


You will amazed, words can not describe it it has to be witnessed!


That’s good news. Glad all went well!


Ive watched videos where full grown men that are color blind wear glasses which enable them to see color for the first time. Its so impactful, tears come to their eyes. Emotions they feel, you can just feel their brain trying to grasp it through their response. Even though i dont know how that feels personally i can appreciate the pure satisfaction you must be getting. Awesome, so glad to hear a “feel good” story. Happy for you! :+1:


It’s great to be able to see a full spectrum of colors now. Definitely makes life better. I feel like a kid at Christmas.


And, with christmas right around the corner, i bet all the lights will be such a joy to view this season. Wonderful! That is awesome to hear.

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I am so impressed with the result that I just scheduled to have my left eye done too. I had thought that my left eye was pretty good, but compared to the one that I had the cataract surgery done on, it is fairly poor.

I blew through my deductible this year because of a cancer surgery, so I’m going to get it done while my out-of-pocket cost is minimal.


Enjoy your new lookers, its a gift for sure.