Vintage Tobacco Tins

In mentioning how I would buy weed when it was called a “lid”, reminded me of this Half and Half tobacco tin I bought off Ebay recently.

A little backstory, cause what would my stories be without context? :smirk:

I own a piece of property with water rights to Clear Lake, located in Lake County, CA. My property is on a peninsula that stretches almost all the way across the lake, and Clear Lake is the largest natural lake in California, and it’s one of the few natural lakes actually…Anyway, the peninsula is a subdivision named Buckingham Park.

I saw this a few weeks ago on Ebay for like $14 w/shipping. I had to have it considering I have a water rights certificate from the state outlining that I cannot divert the watershed for commercial cannabis on my property, but could use diverted water for my 6 personal plants in California. This is quite interesting as I was giving the certificate at the end of Dec., prior to the law changing on Jan. 1, 2018. :thinking:

IMO, it’s all about taxing the sales, but what they didn’t put in my certificate is that I am not limited to any amount as long as I stay within 25 cubic acres per Riparian Rights. And that even though the State doesn’t recognize Riparian Rights, odd in itself, that I am limited to what I can do with the water and/or even charge me use tax. This is certainly not over yet, as Rivers and Streams are also governed under Riparian Rights, so the State can’t say they don’t recognize them. It’s a long complicated history, but I had to have this tin as it is a Buckingham tin…I hope to grow my personal plants there one day for certain! :smiley:

This is a telescoping tin, which is pretty cool. I think it must have been designed to carry with you, to roll your own cigarettes. I’m been a big supporter of rolling my own since Jr. High School…just not tobacco…hehehe

Anyone collect old tobacco paraphernalia?