Very New To This

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"Hi I’m new to this whole grow thing, and i just have a couple of questions about indoor cultivation…

  1. Can I use LED bulbs from seedling to flower? 3 LEDS at 28W, each bulb is 2400 Lumens.
  1. Can I use an silver Insulation Foam to be my reflective material inside my DIY grow tent? This is the only reflective material I could find in my area, would this material be harsh on plants? Or would white be better?
  1. Will an overwatered seedling be healthy again?"
  1. What space you have? You need 35w to 50w for each square foot, so for 1 plant let say a 300w - 450w led panel.
  2. Paint everything whit white paint.
  3. Let her dry first(the soil) and then you will see how she’s doing.