Very interesting first take on topped auto

So I topped one autoflower very early and left the other one that was about the same size and the same conditions alone.

The topped one is 2.5 times larger now…literally.

The top plant in an un-topped “do si dos” autoflower from ILGM.

The bottom plant is a topped “do si dos” autoflower from ILGM.

They were about the same size before the topping.

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Much earlier than I would have topped. They don’t even have first set of real leaves - 5 or more lobes.

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Most people say don’t top autos at all because they don’t have time to recover so the earlier the better, IMO. It’s way ahead of the un-topped one.

I intentionally topped it as soon as the leaves AFTER the real leaves were popping up.

The goal was to get it before it expended too much on the leaves I was cutting off and before it put too much into vertical growth. It seems to be doing fairly well, but time will tell.

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Or completely possible that topping has nothing to do with difference in size. This could be from a number of other variables. That being said, lots of people are successful at topping autos regularly, and lots of people struggle to get autos to grow even when not being topped. There’s going to be a lot of different experiences among different growers.


Interesting experiment