Very first grow, getting ready to switch to 12/12 (SCRoG)

This is my first grow. WW Auto, Day 32. I really have no idea, at this point, of knowing what I’m doing.

The branches are real scrawny, but are slowly making it through the screen and I’m trying to fit them through the screen in an orderly fashion.

There’s a lot of branches ready to come through. I’ll be switching from 18/6 to 12/12 within the next 96 hours. In the meantime, I’ll be plucking them through the screen as the are able to stay.

Not much to write home about right now, but everyday she grows a little bit more.

Since this is more or less a learning experience, I was wondering if I can get some critique on my grow. It’s been by the seat of my pants. I started with lousy lights and upgraded to a Mars-Hydro ts1000. I probably need to invest in other lights in the future but if anyone has some pointers for my next grow, I’d appreciate it. I’m hoping to get at least a few bowlfuls for my efforts after this has finished.

Thanks, peace and happy growing


Your plant looks great to me.
It looks like you are right on track…just keep tucking and bending for the first couple of weeks after flipping.

Start removing new growth below the screen that will not get to or above the screen. The lower bud sites will not do anything.

Keep doing what you are doing and you should get several ounces (perhaps more) from that plant. I normally expect 12 - 17 oz from each of my indoor plants.

Edit: I just checked and realized that you are growing an auto-flower plant. I don’t have any idea what you can expect for yield because I have never grown an auto. @Covertgrower or @Holmes may be better at estimating the yield based on your information. I can’t remember who the auto king/queen is.


Hey nobody really knows what they are doing when the start out. Just fake it until you make it. Experienced veterans on autos you wanna talk to @Nicky or @beardless. I can also help but these are the people I ask questions.


Number one auto grower IMO is @Not2SureYet.


You can probably at least expect a couple of ounces minimum. I defer any expert related questions to @Not2SureYet


Thanks. And I am still learning as well :grin: Since you are all ready on a 18/6 I would leave it there. Or change it if you really want once you are in flower. Since this is an auto. Changing the light will not make it move to flower any faster. How tall is your screen off the top of your soil? If most of the plant below doesn’t make it to the top of the screen. You will be missing out on a lot since you will want to get rid of every thing below the screen. If your screen top is more than 12" off your soil. You can either lower it or maybe remove it and do a lst while you can. Your plant looks great. From what I see though. Removing the screen for this grow may net you the biggest yield. Some times having just one plant to do is a blessing :grin: I see you have a WW, what medium are you in? Soil or coco. That will make a big difference as well. Just my 02 though :slightly_smiling_face:

Basically, you will go from looking like this

To some thing like this

what ever your doing, just keep doing it! They look awesome!!!

Thanks @SKORPION. I have grown a few autos and there are many out there with lots more experience than me. I will certainly help if I can. My first autos were WW. They survived my first attempts at growing so they are resilient. Approach is pretty traditional. Some LST and maybe top. I currently have a Jack Herer auto going. She is getting close to finishing up. Here she is on day 122. The scrog is 24" square and is set at 12" above the soil.

You can see she is just about spent

I mentioned LST. This is her on day 51

My WW grew quite tall so spread her out as much as possible. Clean out the low stuff like secondary branches and buds that are below the screen. Concentrate on the good stuff on top.

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Oh, this is the most recent WWA I grew. Harvested in May. This is the day before she was cut.

Here she is two weeks before harvest. She is much more compact than the other WWA I have grown. Around 20-22"


@Not2SureYet @beardless

I’m growing in Fort Vee Compost. My screen is fixed at 13 inches above the actual soil. I bought a hemp kit that had a preset screen. I’m not able to move it but I can remove it before its too late.

I haven’t really trimmed anything except maybe a dozen small leaves growing underneath, close to the stem. I still have the original fan leaves…bigger than my hand. Should I start clipping them (slowly) from the bottom up? I may be able to scrounge up a cage like yours and use it instead of the screen Man, I tell you what, if my plant could look like yours, I’d wet myself.

I am truly grateful for the instruction your giving me.
Thanks so much

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Don’t defoilate until your like 3rd week of flower, this will be after the stretch and it WI be apparent by the pistils on the bud sites you will have little flowers starting.
Lolipop it then. Give it 5 days and then defoilate it from the rest to ensure bud sites arnt being blocked from leafs…

@Not2SureYet has you covered here but if you have any direct questions feel free to tag me and I get right back as soon as I can. If I’m at work it will be instantly but if I’m at home might be 3hr to 3 days lol


I like using a screen or net. In your case I think you will find it will come in handy to do what I said earlier. Use the screen to flatten and spread out the top growth of the plant. Doing this creates a larger flatter surface area for the plant to absorb the light.

Take a look at this video from Bill Ward.
A couple of things to keep in mind.
He is a expert with many years of experience. He can be more aggressive than a less experienced grower should be. It is a free standing plant so the defoliation would be slightly different than one grown under a SCROG. I liked this one because he is working on a plant that has not been thinned / defoliated and has only a small amount of LST. Use it as a guide to apply to your situation.
My approach is the more fan leaves you can leave on the plant, the better it is. My first choice is to tuck them out of the way of the buds below it. If this is not possible, remove the largest leaves with the longest stems.
Take before and after photos of the stems and growth below the screen.

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