Very first grow advice appreciated

Hey all,

Very first grow of GSC auto indoor. To me she looks to be a couple weeks out but really asking if you all think it’s time to switch to straight, no nutes, watering till the end.

Sorry if the pics aren’t great my loop is small so tried a mag glass to get you and idea of where I am at.

Let me know if you think it’s time to switch to straight pH’d water.



From what I can tell it looks pretty close probably past where I cut mine but I cut early my family doesn’t like couch lock. So guess what I’m saying is that I think you are safe to do your flush


I would have to agree with @MeEasy. Looks like you could harvest now if you wanted to. Though I will say using a jewelers loupe and this chart will help. Make sure you look at the trichomes on the buds, not leaves.

Dude I’m pretty sure your plants are done your outer layer is pure foxtails

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XD I thought it looked funny. I’m still new :man_shrugging::rofl: @GreenSnek

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You look ready! How far into flower? I just chopped a GSCE auto today…


:drooling_face: :drooling_face: Nice!

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Oh damn. I haven’t really seen milky/ amber trichomes yet. Admittedly, based on the calendar they should probably be done and my loupe isn’t the best I guess (AMZ$12) but mag is mag I figured. Let me to try to get a pic with the loupe.

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Honestly I don’t know. Being my first grow ever, I don’t know how to determine when actual flower starts. Sprouted July 13th and transplanted to 5 gal pot. I would agree based on time it should be done. Buts look super small to me but completely understand that I am “used” to professional sized grown nugs. If it is done I am completely unprepared and don’t know how to proceed other than chopping at the base.

So really unsure how to proceed. Should I water heavy tonight just to flush what I can in the next 24hrs? Just watered with nutes 3 days ago.

Did I fuck this all up?

Saved this a while ago so that’s what I have been working towards. Honestly my loupe must not be good enough to get this level of clarity.
I got Beemoon Jewelry Magnifier, 30 X 60X Illuminated Jewelry Loupe for Gems Jewelry Rocks Stamps Coins Watches Antiques Models Photos

But certainly not getting these levels of clarity when looking through.

If I were you I’d chop and dry now personally. Not a whole lot of Green left to her anyways. But that’s just me and I’m no pro.

Appreciate the advice.

Any guides you know of that show the process. Specifically what to trim around the buds. Or it is just the leaves?

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Found a good guide online and based on the pics you’re all right. It’s time. Likely a bit past time

Thank you

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@BeezNeez :+1:Trimming is a personal preference. Some people “wet trim” which is trimming after the plant is cut, some don’t. Some wait till the drying process is complete, then do a “dry trim”, some don’t. Some cut off every bud off the stems so they dry faster, most don’t.

It all has to do with how much plant matter is left. More plant matter = longer drying time, and most (all?) people say the results are better with a slow dry and a long cure.

Personally on my current grow I’m going to just cut off nodes and hang them whole with no trim for a nice slow dry. Then into Grove Bags to cure for at least a month.

It looks like its time to flush them i know people who flush them with ice water so they get some colour into the buds

Some people don’t even trim at all but just try to lessen the sugar leaves and get rid of everything else , you can do it quick an a Lil sloppy or take your time and really manicure ( I don’t recommend trying to wet trim manicure the structure changes to much after dry)


So yea that was my question seeing as I mistimed this all. Do I have time to flush with the water to get some of the chems out of the bud? Necessary? I have been using FFtrio nutes.

Thanks all for the feedback. I ended up doing a flush yesterday morning and letting her sit in darkness most of the day with a brief light schedule at night and chopped her this morning. She is not drying and we’ll see how it all turns out. Only concern was around flushing the nutes as I didn’t time a proper 10 day water only cycle to get the Chems out.
Again appreciate all here and learned A LOT for my first grow thanks to the support here. Already a week + into my second seedling so hope to avoid some of the pitfalls that I fell into with this one.

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