Very different growing plant


Well I got a very weird acting plants on my hands, I’m in the 9th week of flower and the plant is acting like it’s back in pre flower stretch…

Okay just for some details

I’m in stand alone 5 gal DWC buckets
With a Frankenstein made nutrient line up that has been working really well over the past 3 grows

“Nutes I use in flower”
Rhinoskin through out
Advanced nutrients base 3 part “ph perfect” throughout
Big bud weeks 1 through 8
Overdrive weeks 8 to last week of before flush
Bud candy weeks 1 through finish
Goldentree all in one additive, throughout
Terpinator " still trying to figure this 1 out
Super thrive week 1 to finish
Sensizm week 1 to finsih

I’m use a 315 cmh with 2 supplemental Led fixture for side lighting

Now everything was going great till the week i added over drive and the plant went crazy, foxtailed and its behaving like its back in stretch so now I’m getting light burn… on top of the plant being trailiced, ssssoooo I’m going to have to cut it out of the trailice and retrain the tops… this strain I know nothing about it was given to me and said it was a strain he had made and I though… why not…lol, it appears to be a 12 week strain, any 1 ever dealt with a strain like this? Btw the top colas the hairs are all still bleach white and the pistols on the rest and dark red/orange … very odd plant, :thinking:

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What is the concentration of this cocktail? I’m looking at what you’re using and sensed some similarities, so I went and checked.

Terponator 0-0-4
Goldentree 0-0-2
Overdrive 1-5-4 (I think)
Big bud 0-1-3

This on top of base nutrients, that bloom side is probably heavy in potassium already. At least may be worth looking into. These are probably all good products that you could find several growers recommend, but I’m not sure they’re all designed to be used together or in succession. I mix up something that could be considered similar to Terpinator or big bud, if/when I use it, it’s the only additional product I use with my base nutrients from about week 3 of flower on. If I use anything with my base nutrients before week 3 is nothing like anything you have listed.

The Rhinoskin is potassium silicate, also adding potassium. Sensizym and super thrive shouldn’t have too much impact on your final npk. Although the super thrive may have some pgr’s that you would want to avoid late into flower. Its biggest impact comes from triacontanol, which is available in other products. While potassium toxicity isn’t super common problem in cannabis or plants in general, its biggest symptom is plant and flower development.


I’ve ran this line up several times this past year with really good success and the only thing I switched around this particular grow was that I substituted terpinator in place of bud factor x, but the strengths I’m running are as follows

Base Nutrients 1/2 strength all the way through
In a 3to4 gal dwc bucket
In flower

Week 1 through 6 to 8 depending on the strain
Big bud at 3/4 strength
Budcandy and full strength
Golden tree at 1 ml a gallon
Terpinator at 5ml a gallon
Sensizm at 1/2 strength
1ml of superthrive
Ends up at around 750 ppm give or take 10ppm

Week 6/8 to finish

Rhinoskin at full strength
Overdrive at 3/4 strength
Budcandy at full strength
Golden tree at 2ml a gallon
Terp at 10ml a gallon
Sensizm at 1/2 strenth

Puts it at 850 ppm , running 315 watt cmh and two plurple lights as side lighting sooooo 550ish watts total

End product gives a product that more geared towar quality over quantity

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A FYI i have no idea on the this strain, it was given to me by another grower being held in high regards, but it seems to be a very long flowering strain, I’ve just been eye balling it, but it’s acting like it’s trying to reveg … and started stretching … so I ended up cutting it out of the traillis and lst the center down… unfortunately, not ideal this late in flower but it was getting some serious light and heat stress