Very Curly leaves; please help!

Hello. Yesterday, I’ve put 30 g of 46% Nitrogen (in amid form) nutrient (mixed with 0,3 l water). After ~7 hours, leaves are all curly (photo). I’ve flushed the soil with ~ 4 liters of spring water. My question is - will the plant survive?

Thank you for your time.

Wait for an expert opinion, but I think it could be over watering. If that’s the case, it should survive as long as it is allowed to dry out. That could take a few weeks depending on the soil type and planter size.

I agree over watering

How old is this plant? Was this the first time you added nutes? You need to fill out a support ticket under beginners topic. Copy paste it so you will give everyone a better idea.

I agree on that, it looks like overwatering at least, but more info is needed. A grow list would help greatly.
Weird, as soon as I looked at it, I said watering problem right away! Last year I would have been madly searching for the magical cure. You can really learn a LOT here, MacGuyverstoner and Latewood as well as others are here to help you. They give out great information and have never led me wrong, and believe me, I made a LOT of mistakes on my first grow.

Yes. I would like to see a support ticklet on this one. Meanwhile I am really surprised you put a 46% Nitrogen solution on this plant. Why did you do that? Also; Am I reading this correctly? 30 g (grams?) That seems like a whole bunch.

Go to beginners section, and copy/paste the ILGM Support Ticket there, to your next post in topic. It will give us the necessary info we need in order to give you an informed answer; As opposed to am educated guess. :slight_smile: