Ventilation 4 x 4

I have a 4 x 4 tent, usually with 4 plants, running 2 qb288 xs, and a ac infinty t4 or t6 inline for extraction. I had 2 grows where i lost plants due to bud rot. The oscillating fan stand takes up too much floor room for plant spacing, and also can graze the bottom of the light when you have to raise the lights and fan height as things grow. I now have a small dehumidifier for the room to empty daily, but definitely need a better air circulator option ASAP, most fans ive seen are only 5 watts and wont likely cut it. I need some help here on what to get from where. Please help guys and gals.THANKS IN ADVANCE

You need a few Tent clip fans.
I found a small oscillating fan on the web and bought it. It is a
8 inch fan. 10 inches off the floor and has a 8 inch foot print.

Just search the web bro, lots of options.

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