Veggie stage tree weeks in:

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Does a sucker leaf on a Male plant have thc?

Male plants have little to no thc


They have some THC, just a lot less than a female would.

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Been awhile since I first started this project and at this point, it’s getting real, haven’t use the internet or any type of computer, so I’m pretty dumb, please bare with me. Only one so far has showed sex, it’s a girl, also now showing preflower, really never looked for preflower didnt even know about it, until reading all of the forum post the last month, boy lots of good read for sure!.. changed lighting for the red head put her under 400w m.h. still on a 18 - 6, what to do next is up in the air, letting the plant have it’s way to grow an show me that she wants to grow an put on sweet buds. I will be watching, thanks to all an to all good nite.