Veg light burned out?

My Veg Light was out this morning and the only option i had was to put the bloom light in to replace it. There a good 60 days into Veg, is this gona be ok to replace the bulb while im still in Veg stage. I have turned down to lower setting on the ballast. I just don’t know what else to do.

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Why don’t you switch to 12/12 , at sixty days you should have plenty of vegetation. I switched at 30 days and the stretch will double in size.


That is tempting to me,i was just trying to give my shorter plants time to get some height on them. I’ve read were you should go into the 12/12 cycle with the veg bulb for 2 weeks before changing to the MH bulb. I can go to Lowes and get a replacement for 21.00. But there bulbs look different. in the center there’s a longer thinner filament or whatever compared to a wider one on the bulb that went out.

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You will be o.k. and don’t buy your bulbs from lowes i run 6000k or 6500k bulbs mh for veg and 2000k hps bulb for flower you can use this till you get another mh for veg.
Also you should always have extra bulbs for situations like this and when the power goes out and on a couple times it can cause a burn out to.
Run your ballasts at 100% just like the other bulb
I have really great results with the argosun 2000k red sodium hps bulb it’s 30 dollars on eBay hope this helps you and good luck