Valued Member of the month 10/23’

Learning from forum contributors has been great.
Expanding my grow library and making friends is good for my grow.
My thanks to those before me, like you @HippieRunner1
@Covertgrower, thank you for the code assistance.


Forum Friends, Thanks to all who participated with advice, today, as I declared war on aphids, discovered today.


Sounds like an exciting day Dave. How did the first round of war go? Are the bugs bugging out?


Evidence of some dead, but found some have survived.
Todays viewing found these
Top is living
Not sure about bottom.
Seeing aphids with my “eyes wide shut”.
Amazin deliveries will send 1500 ladybugs for less than I paid for Jacks dead bug or soap.
Not worried over $ cost of Lady-killer Squadron, just can’t fathom 1500 ladybugs in 4x4, going thru fans, and worst of all, Mrs. Daisy freaking out over “bugs” in the garage.
Lessons learned are so valuable.
Sharing increases that value for the learned.
Feeling other people’s pain can be difficult, at times.
Clearly, my teeth gritting smile is difficult today.
Good news, available
From Japan’s Famous Daiso, we have dryer vent protectors (keep birds from nesting in dryer vents. those will cover the T6’s.
WESTERN WA is getting their own famous DAISO’s, making Mrs. Daisy plan another shopping trip.

Unknowns, currently.

  1. Aphids? Protein content or smoke flavor enhancers?
    Just asking for a friend.

  2. 600 Lady-killer squadron available under $20.00

  3. 1500 almost same price (shipping still $10.00)

  4. Advertising Squadron storage available, for a month or two, this time of year.

  5. Ladybug shit? requires clean-up?
    Leaning towards ordering lady killers for round 3 offensive.


They seem to visit me regularly out in the garden.

I tried them twice back in college indoor grow days for aphids. Both times I was amazed at how quickly they ran off and dispersed thru the apartment. Never to be seen again. It was once they warmed up like an hour. I bet sealed up in a grow tent would help a lot. Mine was under a fishtank in the living room. Not too sealed.

They may not want to eat them after spraying. I will be attentively waiting your report on how they do for you.

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It will take a week to get them.
Only sprayed 3-2-1- (or 1-2-3) so far.
Overkill is authorized.
200megaton response to kill fleas, OK with me.

Who did it? Clearly I vote “SODID”
Me? the clones? the re-vengers?, or the outdoor soils?
Matters not, truthfully.
The life lesson is what is available next, to all is a bonus.
Happily, forum contributors have advised and I am in for the ride.
Results, like life, unknown, just hope for the best.


Some days are better than others.
Yeah, USPS finally figured out where I live and delivered these joys.


WTS is my Consigliere and advising burn tent to the ground.
We are dismayed and disheartened by the invasion.
Sprayed with 1-2-3 product and awaiting death count.
Lady bugs in transit.
No further action until I see the results of 600 lady-killers in a 4x4.
Hopefully, they will do cleanup and eat sprayed invaders.
Actually, a lesson I would have liked to avoid learning, but no better time than the present.


Arrived today.
Operation Aphid Destruction Phase Two,
Ladybug bug killer squadron ready for deployment.
begins in three minutes.


600 ladybugs in the tent, its gonna be a massacre in there.


Deployed and have viewed activity.
Foraging, I hope.
Tent sealed. Exhaust fans off.
Lights on low.
Four hours since battle horn sounded.


Lady bugs still active in tent. Almost 2-weeks since deployment for Lbug Division. Some still in tent seen moving, for sure, but I can’t count them.
Learned the slow-moving Ladybugs move faster, when moved to plants and soil that has been sprayed to kill aphids (toxic spray or soap spray). They quickly retreat out of the zone, out of the bag. Clearly releasing an army of bug hunters doing the bug killing work for me is a positive for the tent occupants.
Disappointed that I am the cause of this crisis (most likely), but nothing unusual about that. Living life and learning what not to do seems to be the pattern of my life.

Yesterday I spent an hour using the USB Microscope on material pulled.
No live bugs seen, but a couple of dead bugs witnessed.
I still see aphids in my eyes making microscope activity painful.
No Lbugs seen on tent fans intakes (intake has screen, free of travelers).
Some seen occupying locations above the grow (lights or tent sides).

Tent lights moved to 20 inches above the plants (from 25-30).
40-80K lux measured, with higher readings obtained for re-vegers (above the clones or seedlings). HLG Lights 600Watts LED running 18/6 with 80-degrees & 60-65%RH. Seedlings from ILGM and @noddykitty1 often seen with Lbugs visiting or hanging out. Re-vegers have entered stretch and will make clones by Christmas. Full tent cleaning due soon or when Lbugs not seen as active on plants. Christmas culling, cloning, cleaning, and another deployment of Lbugs in my plan. Seedlings get tent and space priority because their genetics is documented, unlike my clones (White widow, probably). 2022 Seeds for life (thank you NK!) but buying more will be an annual event.
One plant got pollenated by me using stored pollen.
Learning all the ways to NOT grow weed successfully, is painful, like life and growing old.
Got lots of soil for outdoor growing and the outdoor garden transformation.