Using the soil God provided

I’m at about 43 north latitude and am toying with the idea of my 1st grow. From the (little) reading I have done these seems like sound ideas:

  • morning sun is better than afternoon sun
  • I know where the grass is greenest and grows the fastest
  • I can feel where the soil is the softest
  • I know where the black caps (black raspberries) grow the best

While not a guarantee, do these items line up with good growing conditions for an autoflowering plant? I would need to grow by some other foliage and plants so I realize humidity could be an issue.

For my variety I would be looking for ease first and foremost. Having had cancer before, I would be looking for a variety that lends itself to an edible. I realize that it’s lower on the THC scale, but Autoflowering White Widow CBD seems to be what I am coming back to.

Any thoughts, insights, or suggestions would be most appreciated.


I think black raspberry like acid soil… So not the place to grow…
in all my time outdooring, i only had problems with the earth when i didn’t check the PH. So you need to know the PH of the earth you plan to grow in…

My best results i had when i would dig a hole and prepare the soil with diffrent things.
manure, dolomite, compost, earth… I find dolomite to be super practical for PH control outdoors…


I am hearing g13 labs peach puree cbd is the stuff to get to control pains. Ive been watching for them. Where i can order from they seem to stay pit of stock other places have all the stupid ways to pay for stuff. I like payd pal or cc for my transactions lol

I’d grow in or near those berry bushes, with enough distance you don’t get strangled by them, soil in that area should range about right for the plants you want to grow.

Some maybe a little on the lower end then most would like but I’ve never had an issue growing with ours

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I would prefer acidic over basic…
And @outdooring I think the berry soil will be fine… it’s better then 7+ like down here in fla. All the lime stone its 8+ everywhere… do you plan on feeding… I definstle would look into some compost teas … and dolomite wont buffer the soil properly without a thurough till and a cooking period…it will help in a couple weeks of leeching but not a good quick soil ph raiser… gypsum would be better in this situation

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I once grew in very acid soil the berris loved it my girls not so much…

Yes always prepare your soil at least a month before planting, like that also the beneficial microbes have time to settle.

Good thing about dolomite it buffers the soil around 7ph no matter if acid or basic, but yes it takes time…

Fast solutions for earth ph adjustment are more risky…

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