Using Predator Mites In Marijuana Garden

Cannabis garden predator mitesI’ve got a small mite problem in my marijuana garden and I’m looking for a natural way to get rid of them. Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking about using a predator or something. Will predator mites affect my plants in any way?

Predator mites are often suggested as predators for spider mites. You can find a number of different species from mail-order companies, each of which works best under different conditions. Predators work by forming a balance between spider mites and themselves so that neither one exists in large quantities. Minimal damage is done to the cannabis crop and you could even reap some benefits.

Predator mites also only eat other mites. They won’t be attracted by your plants at all. In fact, predator mites have little impact on your garden, particularly because predators don’t always create control. Success is largely dependent on the introduction of several varieties. Mite predators work ideally under conditions that are humid because of their diet of essentially dry meat. Plant-eating mites like dry environments because of all the plant juice they drink. Predators might not be your solution, and you may be better of gunning for total annihilation of the mites. You might not have a problem with this if a garden (or part of it) is occasionally closed down. Then you can clean the system thoroughly by washing down the room with a sterilizing hydrogen peroxide or bleach solution. New marijuana plants can be introduced entirely uninfected.